Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions are the main points on which the behaviour of users within the service is regulated, as well as setting out a number of responsibilities of the parties. These rules relate to personal data, data protection policy, cookies, use of information from the best slots site and much more.

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Privacy Policy

As part of your use of our BestSlots service, you provide us with a range of your personal data. We, in turn, undertake to store this information and protect it from third parties. In addition, this allows our analytics to record the behavior of any user, as well as their interaction with the site. We use a multi-stage encryption system that protects your data from leaks and third-party encroachment.

Use of Cookies

Our use of cookies is an opportunity to anonymise your interaction with our website. This is the only way we can know about any comments, votes, likes and interactions with reviews.


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Manish Radzha is author of slotsgames.in.

Manish Radzha

Manish Radzha is the author and editor-in-chief of slotsgames.in.