Slot Game Autoplay Guide 2024

Discover the benefits and uses of slots autoplay feature.

What Is Autoplay in Slots?

In normal mode, to start a spin, you need to determine the bet size through the interface and click on the start button. After this, the slot reels will start moving. But when they stop, you will have to start them manually again for the next spin.

If you don’t want to do this, the process can be automated. Games with autoplay are created for this purpose. This function is available in almost every online slots machine. Once activated, spins will occur automatically until you place a predetermined number of bets.

Autoplay in slots automates spins for a set number of bets.

How Does Autoplay Work in Slot Games?

Slot game autoplay runs through the interface in any game. You will see the corresponding option next to the buttons for changing the bet size, or in the settings. After clicking on the appropriate button, you will be asked to select the number of spins, their speed, the cost of the spin, and in some cases, the conditions for deactivating this function. The specific list of settings depends on the specific slot and provider.

To disable automatic spins manually, you need to enter the same menu and click on the cancel button. It is often located on the main interface panel.

Autoplay in slots is activated through settings, allowing automated spins.

Slots Autoplay Options

Autoplay games are developed by providers, not online slots casinos. And the capabilities of this function depend on them. The online casino does not create gambling games but only places them on its website. This means that the capabilities of this function in the same slots on different sites are the same. But at the same time, they may differ in games from different slots providers in the same casino. Among the available automatic play options, the most common are:

  • Number of spins. This is the main setting that is available in any slot. It determines the duration of a series of spins. You can set their number in the range from 2 to several thousand;
  • Spin speed. Some slot machines allow spins at different speeds. As a rule, regular, fast and turbo options are offered. The higher the speed, the faster the spins will occur;
  • Bet size. Another required setting. With its help, you can determine the cost of each spin. It is the same throughout the entire series of bets. To change the spin value, you will have to first disable or stop the automatic play;
  • Losing and winning limits. These are advanced settings that are only available in the best autoplay games. With their help, you can determine the conditions under which rotations will stop. For example, after a big win or loss of a certain amount. If this condition is met, the automatic game will stop, even if all spins have not yet been made;
  • Other stopping conditions. In addition to winning and losing limits, you can often define other parameters for stopping the function. For example, activating a bonus game.

You can change these settings at any time. Both before the start of automatic spins, and after their completion or during the process. That is, after launching the function, you are not required to make a given number of spins.

Slots autoplay options include spins, speed, bet, and stopping conditions.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Autoplay Games

Function autoplay in slot machines does not affect the probability of winning in any way. From the point of view of potential benefits, it is useless. The results of the spins are still determined by a random number generator and remain unpredictable. But this option has other advantages.

You can automate the gameplay and not press anything to start spinsIn some slots, the function stops when the bonus game is activated
After enabling the function, the game will run itself, and you can move away from the deviceTo change the bet size you need to disable the automatic spin mode
In some slots, you can select several conditions to stop the functionNot everywhere there are flexible settings for stopping auto-play

Is Autoplay Active During Bonus Rounds?

Whether the game continues or stops after activating the bonus feature depends on the specific slot. Sometimes the user is allowed to choose what will happen when launching free spins. But more often there is no such option. Some providers disable automatic spins after switching to the bonus game. To renew them, you need to manually launch free spins. After their completion, the automatic game will continue.

For other providers, the game stops for a while – for about a few minutes. After this, free spins are launched without your participation. And after they are completed, the automatic game continues.

Autoplay during bonus rounds varies by slot and provider.

Should I Use Autoplay?

It just depends on your personal preferences. If you like to manually trigger spins, then there is no need to activate this feature. If you just want to watch the gameplay, or you urgently need to step away from your computer or smartphone, you can turn it on. But please note that autoplay mobile slots only work when they are open on the main screen. If you minimize the slots casino app or browser, the game will stop.

Using autoplay depends on your preference for manual control.

Is Slots Autoplay Mandatory?

This function is triggered at the player’s request. It is not necessary to use it. It is just one of the many options available in slot machines. Regardless of whether you activate it or place bets manually, the results will not change.

Autoplay is optional, not mandatory.

Autoplay Slot Machines Verdict

If you don’t like constantly tapping the screen to manually trigger spins, you might find the best autoplay games iOS or autoplay games Android. Here you will not need virtually any action to play. It will be enough to start the automatic mode, and select the number of spins, bet size and other parameters. After this, the game will continue without your participation.

This can also be convenient if you want to place a specific number of bets. For example, 100. You can select this number in the settings, and exactly how many spins will occur. In this case, you do not have to count them.

But you must understand that automatic spins do not affect the results of the game in any way. And this feature is created solely for your comfort. Whether to turn it on or not is your choice.

Autoplay slots offer hands-free play for convenience, not influencing outcomes.


What is Autoplay in Slots?

This is a feature that allows you to trigger a series of automatic spins. They will happen without your participation. You can simply watch the game.

Is Slots Autoplay beneficial for Players?

Automatic mode does not affect the results of spins. That is, he does not have any financial benefits. This feature is provided for convenience only.

Is it Necessary to Use Autoplay?

You decide whether to enable the automatic spins feature or not. Its use is optional.


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