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BestSlots as part of its business uses cookies to recognize your device each time you visit the online slots site. This helps in the subsequent quality optimization of the page according to your wishes.

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Cookies: What are They?

Cookies are a software file. It is automatically stored on your computer or tablet or phone when you visit a website. All these files (data) are completely harmless. They cannot be used for a third-party person or platform to access your personal data. Why is it necessary to collect such information? The answer is simple – it is to improve the user experience on our website. In this way, various errors and problems are detected and the quality of the services provided is improved. After all, it is this information that allows advertising partners to analyze user preferences and show information in similar areas.

How Cookies Work?

As part of our Cookie Policy, we collect persistent and temporary cookies. Temporary (session) cookies allow you to transfer data from one page to another without having to re-enter it. This information tends to be deleted over time. The reverse of these are permanent cookies, which are intended for long-term use. They are stored until you delete them manually in the browser settings. They are the ones you need to identify your device.

Why Does Our Service Use Cookies? 

Cookies policy and we need these cookies for the following reasons:

  • To improve the service by identifying errors;
  • To help advertising partners and analysts;
  • To collect information about user preferences, user activity in specific sections;
  • To keep track of devices and pages visited.

How to Block Cookies? 

If you feel that you no longer wish to have your data stored on the portal, you can easily block its provision. You can do this in your browser settings. The procedure may vary from browser to browser, but the essence is the same – in the settings, select the “Site Permission” category and then block the provision of cookies to Bestslots.


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