Slot Bonuses Wagering Requirements Guide 2024

Learn how to unlock slot bonuses cash withdrawal by understanding wagering requirements.

What Are Wagering Requirements?

When the first online casinos just began to appear on the Internet, they offered users bonuses without any wagering requirements. And if some players used them for their intended purpose and spent them on bets in online slots and other games, others immediately withdrew them. This led to losses for the casino, so the concept of wagering began to be introduced for bonuses.

Wagering bonus meaning is pretty simple. This is a list of specific requirements that a user must fulfill before withdrawing money received from an online casino. Until he does this, the funds will be on the bonus balance, and it is impossible to transfer them to your e-wallet or bank card.

Wagering requirements explained for withdrawing online casino bonus funds.

How Do Bonus Wagering Requirements Work?

The wagering requirements for the bonus are specified in its conditions in advance. Before accepting a promotional offer, you can read its rules to understand how promising it is to receive a particular bonus. You must understand that not all offers are equally profitable. And some of them are better to refuse altogether.

Once you meet the bonus activation requirement, the money will go to your bonus balance, not your main balance. Winnings received from free spins will also be credited to it. The funds will remain in your bonus balance until you meet the wagering requirements. They will not be able to be withdrawn through a cash register and their use may be limited. The casino may not allow bonus funds to be used for betting.

After the execution of bonus wagering requirements, the money will be automatically transferred from the bonus balance to the main balance. From now on, you will be able to use them as you wish without any restrictions. They can be spent on bets in any gambling games, or withdrawn to your e-wallet or bank card.

Wagering requirements dictate bonus use and withdrawal conditions in online casinos.

Are Wagering Requirements Mandatory?

In most cases, bonus wagering requirements are required. They apply to most promotional offers. They can be found in almost all deposit bonuses, including welcome and reload bonuses. There may be no such requirements for no deposit bonuses under the loyalty program, birthday gifts and cashback.

If the bonus has wagering requirements, there is no way to avoid them. In any case, you will need to complete them, otherwise you will not be able to withdraw the money received. You can find out for sure whether such requirements apply to a bonus or not, in its rules or the casino support service.

Wagering requirements are usually mandatory for deposit bonuses in online casinos.

Bonus Wagering Requirements Terms and Conditions

There are different types of casino bonus wagering requirements. They always work in combination, that is, the player must complete them all. Based on these requirements, you can evaluate the terms of the bonus and understand how promising it is to activate it. The most common requirements and restrictions are listed in the table below.

WagerThis is the main parameter that determines the requirement for bet turnover. It looks like a multiplier. For example, a wager of x10 means that to wager, you need to make a bet turnover that is 10 times the bonus amount.
Wagering periodCasinos in most cases limit the time during which the wager can be fulfilled. The period can range from several hours to weeks. During this time, the player must complete the required turnover of bets. If he doesn’t make it in time, the bonus will expire.
Bet sizeLimits are set for both the minimum and maximum values. The bet size in the process of wagering the bonus must correspond to them. If the bet is above or below the limit, it will not be taken into account when wagering.
Acceptable GamesIt is not always possible to meet the wagering requirements in all games. In most cases, bets must be placed on slots. Here they are taken into account 100%. Progress may be slower in table games, card games, and live dealer games. For example, only 10-20% of all bets go towards wagering.
Withdrawal limitThis limitation applies to the amount that can be withdrawn after the wagering requirements have been met. For example, if the limit is 50,000 INR, and you have 70,000 INR in your bonus balance, then after completing the wagering requirement, the extra 20,000 INR will be forfeited.

How to Calculate the Wagering Requirements of a Bonus?

As we said earlier, the main wagering requirement is a wager. It depends on him how much you will need to spend on bets to withdraw the online slots bonus. To calculate the required bet turnover, you can use the casino bonus wagering calculator. But all calculations can be done manually. Below we will show examples how to do this

Wager-Free Casino Bonuses

Bonuses with no wagering requirements are a rarity in online casinos. But they exist. Once you receive them, you will not need to fulfill any conditions to withdraw your money. You can immediately go to the cashier and create a request for withdrawal to an electronic wallet or bank card. The following bonuses can be provided without a wager:

  • No deposit loyalty program. They are awarded for increasing your account status. Promotion through the loyalty program occurs through active play. By placing bets in any games, you earn points and gradually increase your level. After overcoming certain steps, no-deposit bonuses are opened for your account;
  • Cashback. This is a regular bonus. It is calculated from the amount of net losses for the period or from the total turnover of bets. Makes up a certain percentage. Most often awarded with a small wager or without it;
  • Birthday gifts. This bonus is available to active players who have previously made deposits and have passed verification. The size of the bonus may depend on overall activity or level of the loyalty program.

Online casinos can also provide players with personal bonuses that are available only to them. To activate them, you must specify a promotional code. Such offers are made individually based on the user’s gaming activity.

Some casino bonuses have no wagering requirements for easy withdrawal.

Where Can I Find Wagering Bonus Information?

Bonus wagering procedure can be found in several ways. The first is in its rules. You need to go to the section with all promotional offers on the official website of the online casino or slots app and select the bonus you are interested in. Its description will list all the rules, including activation and wagering conditions.

If the information provided there is incomplete, or you still have questions, you can clarify the details with the support service. To avoid waiting too long for an answer, ask questions via the online chat on the website. In it, specialists usually respond within 5 minutes.

Check bonus wagering details in rules or ask support.

How to Fulfill Bonus Wagering Requirements?

No strategy would guarantee that you fulfil the wagering requirements for the bonus and withdraw money. Success in this business depends very much on luck since bets are made mainly in slots. The results are determined by a random number generator. But you can reduce your risks, which will help you win back. To do this, follow these recommendations:

  • Choose slots with low or medium volatility. The results are more stable and predictable. Winnings occur regularly, although their size is mostly small. But since your task is to complete a certain turnover of bets, this slot feature will be useful. This way you will minimize the risk of losing quickly and will be able to place more bets;
  • Spread your deposit over an equal number of bets. Under no circumstances should you spend all your money in just a few bets. So you risk losing everything in a minute. Funds need to be distributed. Ideally, they should be enough for at least 100-200 spins;
  • Avoid playing with live dealers. Fulfill the wagering requirements where bets count 100%. This is not the case in live dealer games. Here, for example, 20% of bets can be taken into account for wagering. And if you need to make a turnover of 100,000 INR, then in slots it will be enough to spend this amount, and in games with live dealers – already 500,000 INR.

Also, never try to cheat the casino. In most cases, for this and other similar actions, the bonus will be cancelled, and your account may be blocked.

Reduce risk by choosing specific slots, spreading deposit, and avoiding live dealers.

Bonus Wagering Conclusion

The wagering rules for a bonus are the first thing you should pay attention to before activating it. They are the ones who determine how potentially profitable an offer can be.

Most bonuses have a wagering requirement, wagering period, betting limits and acceptable games. These parameters need to be assessed comprehensively, and only then a decision should be made to activate the bonus.

No strategy would allow you to win back any bonus. But you can take some actions that will reduce the risks and, accordingly, increase the chances of winning back the bonus.

There are also bonuses with no wagering requirements. They are rare in casinos, but if you find one, then activating it would be preferable. Since immediately after this you will be able to manage the money or withdraw it at your discretion.

Check wagering rules before activating a bonus for better decisions.


What Are Wagering Requirements?

This is a set of requirements that must be met before withdrawing bonus money. Until you do this, the funds will be on the bonus balance without the possibility of withdrawal.

Can I Avoid Wagering Requirements?

If a bonus has wagering requirements, they must be met.

How Can I calculate wagering requirements?

To do this, you need to multiply the bonus amount or winnings from free spins by the wager. Also, for deposit bonuses, the wager may apply to account replenishment.

Can I cancel the bonus if I don’t want to deal with the wagering requirements?

Yes, you can cancel it. This can be done in your account settings or the bonuses section. You can also ask to cancel it from the online casino support service.

What is a cashable no-deposit bonus?

This is a bonus that can be withdrawn after fulfilling the wagering requirements.

Why Do Wagering Requirements Exist?

They exist to prevent players from withdrawing bonuses immediately after they are activated. Many users would come to the casino, receive bonuses and immediately withdraw them. In this way, it would be possible to defraud the casino.


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