Slot Machines Paylines Guide 2024

Key slot machine characteristic: paylines determine winnings, frequency, size.

What are Paylines in Slots Machine?

Pay lines are the oldest mechanic for calculating winnings in slot machines. It was even used in Liberty Bell’s first land slot over 100 years ago. This mechanics is still used today, but over the many years of its existence, it has been slightly modified and improved. But the essence remains the same.

Each slot machine uses its own system for determining winnings and calculating their size. Most often, paid lines are used for this. You’ll see them in about 80% of games. Paylines in slots – these are certain combinations of cells on the reels on which the same symbols must appear in order to win. The simplest option is a straight line. In this case, identical symbols must line up from left to right in the same row. The lines may not be straight. For example, diagonal or zig-zag.

It is not necessary that identical symbols fill the entire line, that is, appear on each of the reels. Often, to get a win, it is enough to start forming it – collecting at least 2-3 identical symbols on reels 1, 2 and 3. But the more complete the line is, the bigger the win you will get.

Paylines in slots determine winning combinations.

How Do Slot Paylines Work?

Paylines on slot machines work on the principle of collecting a sequence of identical symbols on the reels. A line can begin to form on both the first and last reel. The second mechanic is less common and is available mainly in older 5-reel slot machines.

If a line collects the minimum required number of identical symbols, you get a win. And the more such symbols there are, the larger the payout will be. For example, for a line of three symbols you will receive 100 INR, for a line of four – 300 INR, and for a line of five – 1000 INR. In this case, several lines can operate simultaneously. For each of them you will receive a win.

There are several ways to find out the number of pay lines in a slot machine:

  • You can see this characteristic in the slot description on our website;
  • The number of lines is indicated in the game description on the provider’s or online slots casino website;
  • You can also open the slot machine rules and see this value there.

The more lines a slot machine has, the more ways to win will be available to you. But at the same time, the size of payouts for each individual combination decreases.

Slot paylines involve forming sequences of identical symbols on reels for varying payouts.

Examples of Slot Paylines

To better understand how to do slot machine lines work, we invite you to look at a few screenshots below. Here you will see how lines are formed, what shapes they can take and what they look like.

Slot Paylines aren’t the Same as Reels

Players who don’t know what are lines in slot machines, they are often confused with drums. But these are completely different concepts. Even though they are interconnected. As we said earlier, lines are ways of forming combinations to get a win. One line goes through all the reels that are in the slot.

A reel is a vertical block with slots symbols. A slot can have from three reels to ten or even more. Once you place your bet and start spinning, the reels will start moving. After they stop, symbols will be placed on them. The order of their arrangement cannot be predicted – it is determined by a random number generator. But if the symbols are positioned in such a way that a pay line can pass through them, you will receive a win.

The number of reels affects how many symbols in a line you need to collect to win, and what the maximum line length is.

Slot paylines and reels are distinct concepts.

Slots Paylines Types

Slot machines differ from each other in the number of lines, the method of their formation and other parameters. This determines what specific conditions you will need to fulfill to receive winnings. In general, all online slots can be divided into five groups according to this criterion.

Slots vary by paylines, they can be categorized into five groups based on formation methods.

Influence of Slots Paylines on Winnings

The number of paid lines directly affects the probability of receiving a win, because the more ways to form combinations, the more likely it is that one of them will work out. But this does not mean that if a slot has 100,000 lines, then you will win on every spin. There are several nuances to consider here:

  • To have many lines, there must be many rows. And the more rows there are, the lower the chance that the symbols required to receive a win will appear in the required cells;
  • The more lines there are in the slot, the higher the final bet will be, since a small amount of money needs to be bet on each of them;
  • Increasing the number of lines reduces the winning odds for their formation;
  • Also, an increase in the number of lines increases the slots volatility.

Therefore, choosing a slot with a small or large number of pay lines is more a matter of bankroll and your personal preferences than the chances of winning or profit.

The number of paylines affects win probability.

Paylines in Slots Verdict

Pay lines are the most important parameter for any slot machine. It determines the ways to receive winnings and how their size is determined. There are fixed and adjustable lines, pay per cluster and number of symbols, Megaways mechanics and much more. And it is very important to understand what specific type of lines and in what quantity are used in a slot machine before spending money on bets in it.

Paylines are crucial for slot machines, influencing ways to win and payout determination.


What is a Payline in Slots?

These are ways to form winning combinations. To get a payout, identical symbols must form one of the lines.

How Many Paylines can a Slot Machine have?

The most lines are available in slots with Megaways mechanics. There may be more than 200 thousand of them here.

Where to Find the List of Paylines for Slot Game?

They can be viewed in the rules of the slot machine. The total number of lines is indicated here. They are also depicted on the reel layouts.

Do More Payline Slots Payout more than Fewer Paylines?

In theory they can. Since several lines can play at once.

What is the Difference between a Payline and a Paytable in slots?

A paid line is a way to form a combination. And the slots payout table shows the winning amounts for different symbols.


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