What Is RNG in Slot Machines?

Learn how RNG in slots determines spin results.

What Does RNG Mean?

Slot machines use a pseudo-random number generator. That is, it carries out calculations not based on external factors, like a regular RNG, but based on the algorithms specified in it. It is necessary to ensure the randomness of the results and their unpredictability.

RNG ensures randomness in slot machines for unpredictable outcomes.

What Are RNG Slots?

The first slot machines installed in land-based casinos operated without a random number generator. The results in them depended on the settings, so casinos could change the return rate at their discretion. This approach changed back in the early 1950s. Regulations on the use of random number generators have appeared in the legislation of all countries where they have been recognized as legal. They also began to be applied to online slot machines.

Any new online slot works based on a random number generator. The only exceptions are counterfeit versions of slot machines that are placed in illegal online casinos without a license.

RNG slots ensure fair play.

How Does the RNG Work in Slot Machines?

Now let’s talk about how RNG work in online slots. The main task of a random number generator is to create an unpredictable sequence of numbers. Generating such numbers can be done in two ways. Depending on this, RNG is divided into the following types:

  • HRNG. It’s hardware. This is a real random number generator that creates sequences based on external mechanical influences. For example, noise, wind force, temperature, movements around, etc. It is a physical device;
  • PRNG. It’s software. This is a pseudo-random number generator that works based on software algorithms embedded in it. For calculations, he only needs the starting number. It does not take into account any external factors.

The second type of RNG is used in slot machines. The initial number is set following the RTP of the game. At the same time, the results remain unpredictable for the user.

RNG in slots creates unpredictability through software algorithms.

Can You Cheat on Random Number Generator?

If the RNG in slot machines is real, it is impossible to hack it or somehow influence its operation. Neither the players nor the casino administration have access to its algorithms. The random number generator is the property of the slot game providers – the slot developer. To confirm its reliability, many studios order an audit from digital laboratories iTech Labs, eCOGRA, GLI, etc. Based on the testing, RNG is awarded a quality certificate, which confirms its reliability and independence of results.

You can't cheat on real RNG in slot machines.

Are RNG and RTP the Same Thing?

Slots random number generator and RTP are two different things, although they are interconnected. As we said earlier, a random number generator is a software algorithm that, based on its calculations, determines the results of each individual spin. It works independently of players, online casinos with slots and even providers. It is impossible to interfere with his calculations or influence them in any way.
RTP is one of the main parameters of slot machines. It determines what percentage of the total amount of funds invested in the game will be returned to users in the form of payments. This parameter is determined by the provider. He can change it or offer several options to choose from. The essence of RTP is not to make the game results unpredictable but to ensure that over the course of millions of spins, the provider and the casino receive their guaranteed profit.
In its work, the random number generator takes into account the RTP parameter, since in the end, over a long distance, the results for all players in general should come to its value.

RNG and RTP are different but interconnected in slot machines.

RNG Slot Machines Verdict

RNG is explained as a software algorithm that underlies all slot machines in online casinos. It is necessary to make betting results unpredictable for the user. It also ensures the fairness of the gaming process, since the casino administration cannot interfere with the operation of the random number generator for slot machines.

Any modern slot runs on RNG. This is a mandatory requirement of the legislation of all countries where gambling is legalized. Also, without a reliable random number generator, providers cannot obtain a license to operate legally.

You don’t need to understand how the RNG works in slot machines to play. However, this knowledge is useful for confidence in the safety of the gaming process.

RNG in slots ensures fairness and unpredictability, vital for gaming.


What is RNG in slot machines?

A random number generator is a software algorithm that is responsible for determining the results in slot machines. Thanks to him, casino bets are always unpredictable.

Are RNG Slots fair?

Yes, if a certified random number generator is used. To confirm the reliability of RNG, providers order tests in digital laboratories. Popular ones include eCOGRA, iTech Labs and GLI.

Can you Win at RNG Slots?

Although the RTP in any slot machine is less than 100% and the casino’s income is included in it, all users have a chance of winning. This is explained by the randomness of payments that RNG provides.


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