What Does Volatility Mean in Slots?

Slot machine volatility, a key factor, influences gameplay variations and win frequency for players.

What is Slot Machine Volatility?

Volatility in slots is one of the basic parameters of their work, which the slot machine provider implements into the software during its development. An online casino that hosts slots on its website cannot influence this characteristic. The player cannot do this either.

Slot volatility explained, as the level of risk. This parameter determines how often winnings in the slot will occur and what size they will be. There are three basic volatility values:

  • High. Payments may occur rarely, but their maximum size is quite large;
  • Average. Payments occur with average frequency. The maximum size is lower than in slots with high volatility;
  • Low. Frequent but small wins. The maximum payout rarely exceeds x1000.

The slots volatility levels described don’t mean that in your case everything will happen exactly like this. But these are the general principles. Do not also forget that the results in any case depend on the random number generator.

Slot volatility: risk level impacting win frequency and payout size.

Different Types of Slots Volatility

Now let’s talk about volatility slots meaning in details. As we said earlier, there are three basic levels of this parameter. However, besides them, there are also intermediate values. In general, it is more correct to distribute volatility into five groups:

  • High;
  • Medium-high;
  • Average;
  • Medium-low;
  • Low.

Each of these levels gives the gameplay its own characteristics. Below you will find out “What does volatility mean in slots?” in all five cases.

How to Find Slot’s Volatility?

There are several ways to know what is volatility in slot games. The easiest way is to look at it on our website. Here you will not only find a slot volatility list, but you can also filter games by this parameter. This will help you quickly find a suitable slot machine and start placing bets.

Volatility can also be found in two more ways:

  • On the provider’s website. It is indicated in the description of the slot machine.
  • In the slot rules. After starting the game, you can open the help. Usually there is an “i” button for this. Volatility and other characteristics will be indicated here.

If this parameter is not listed anywhere, you can evaluate it yourself. Now that you know volatility in slots meaning, it will be easy for you to understand its level in practice. Launch the slot machine in demo mode and place several dozen bets for free.

Find slot volatility on our website or provider's info.

Importance of Volatility in Slots

Understand what is slot machine volatility important for every player. The results of your bets will directly depend on this. This parameter must be taken into account based on your preferred playing style, as well as the amount of money in your account. If you have a lot of money, you can bet on any slot. If your budget is limited, it is better to choose games with low or medium volatility to reduce the risk of losing quickly.

Your budget should be enough for at least 100 spins in slots with high volatility and 50 in slots with low and medium volatility. At the same time, it cannot be said that in the confrontation high volatility vs low volatility slots some of them are better. It all depends solely on your situation and preferences. You can win in both those and other slot machines.

Slot volatility crucial. Choose based on budget, playing style, and preferences.

Difference Between Volatility and RTP

If you are interested what is volatility in slots, then you should know about another important parameter – RTP. It shows what percentage of money from the total investments of all players the slot returns back in the form of winnings. For example, if players spent 100,000 INR on bets and the RTP is 95%, then the total payout will be 95,000 INR. But since winnings are awarded randomly, each player has a chance to stay in the black.

There is no direct relationship between volatility and RTP, but both parameters are equally important when choosing a slot machine. And if volatility does not affect the profitability of the game, then RTP does the opposite. The higher its value, the better.

Understand volatility and RTP, both crucial when choosing a slot.


Volatility is one of the two key criteria when choosing a online slot machine. It can be low, medium and high. This affects how regularly you will receive winnings and what their potential size will be. The choice of volatility directly depends on your personal preferences, playing style and budget.

Volatility guides slot choice, aligns with preferences, style, and budget.


What is Volatility in Slots?

It shows the level of risk. When volatility is high, wins may occur less often, but their potential size is higher. When it’s low, it’s the other way around

How to Determine the Volatility of Slot Machines?

It can be viewed on our website, on the provider’s website and in the description of the slot machine rules.

Is Higher Slot Volatility Always Better than Low?

There is no better or worse volatility. The choice depends on your playing style and bankroll.

Should I Avoid Slots with High Volatility if I have a Limited Bankroll?

Yes, if you have a small bankroll, then playing slots with high volatility will be very risky. It is better to choose games with low or medium volatility.

Does Slot Volatility Affect the Winning Amount?

It only affects the amount of potential winnings. High volatility does not guarantee large payouts, but it does provide a chance to receive them.


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