Slot Machine Symbols Guide 2024

Learn slot machine symbols for more exciting gameplay and wins.

What Are Slot Symbols?

There are two types of symbols in online slots. The first ones are ordinary. They are necessary to form paid lines. That is, they have one function – to give the player winnings if the conditions for their accrual are met. The condition may be to collect identical symbols on one of the lines, to obtain a cluster or a certain number of such symbols on the field.

Slot bonus symbols don’t always take part in a paid combination. They may not be taken into account at all when forming lines. They have a different task – to make the gameplay more diverse. Bonus symbols can give an additional multiplier, activate free spins, re-spins, open new reels, play a jackpot, etc.

Ordinary slot symbols form paid lines, while bonus symbols add diverse features.

Slot Machines with Bonus Features


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Slot Symbols History

The first slot machine in history was developed by American engineer Charles Fey at the end of the 19th century. It was a simple mechanical slot called Liberty Bell. It had only one row and three reels. To get a win, the same symbols had to appear on two or three reels, starting from the first.

Like dozens of others in the future, this slot machine used symbols of card suits, diamonds and horseshoes. The image of a bell was considered the most valuable. These symbols have become classics, and for many years, until the mid-20th century, they could be found on most slot machines.

Later, symbols of fruits and berries were added to them. However, both these and the symbols described above were not bonus symbols. The only function they performed was the formation of paid lines.

Real bonuses slot machine symbols began to actively appear in the second half of the 20th century when gambling in Las Vegas and other resort cities experienced its heyday. The emergence of online slots casinos gave them the greatest development.

Check slots symbols history to learn the evolution of it.

Types of Slot Machine Symbols

There are many types of slot game symbols, and each of them performs its special function. Slots can have either one of these symbols or a whole set. The main types of bonus symbols, how they work, as well as the slot games list where you can find them, are shown in the table below.

Bonus SymbolDefinitionSlots Examples
WildReplaces any other symbol when forming a winning combinationLegacy of Dead
The Wildos
MultiplierIncreases the size of the current winnings by a certain number of timesGates of Olympus
Sweet Bonanza
Midas Goldentouch
ScatterTriggers a series of free spinsBook of Dead
Zombie Carnival
In Jazz
BonusLaunches the bonus gameHottest 666
Floating Dragon Megaways
Divine Fortune
StandardA common symbol for forming paid combinationsMongol Treasures
Book of Santa
Pink Elephants 2
StackedIdentical symbols that can be located on top of each otherMoney Train 2
Honey Rush
Retro Tapes
StickySymbols that are fixed on the reel for the next spinsThe Dog House
Wild West Gold

It happens that one symbol combines several functions at once. For example, in slots whose names begin with Book of, in most cases, the scatter also acts as a wild. And in many other slot machines, wilds have multipliers.

How Many Symbols Are There in a Slot Machine?

Each slot has its playing field format, that is, the number of reels and rows. This means that the total number of characters in its field may vary significantly. For example, in classic slots with 3 reels and 5 rows, 15 symbols appear on the screen in one spin. If there are 5 reels, then there are already 25. And in slots with a playing field format of 10×10, there are already 100 symbols.

But it is worth considering that we are talking about the total number of cells. If we talk about unique symbols, there are usually no more than 15 of them. Moreover, not all of them are bonus symbols. As a rule, new slot games use up to 3-5 bonus symbols in different game modes, so as not to complicate the gameplay too much.

Slot machines vary in symbols, with unique ones usually around 15.

Slots Symbols Conclusion

Bonus symbols are what make slot machines unique. They add more variety to the gameplay and provide additional ways to win. There are more than 10 types of bonus symbols, and each performs its functions. Slot machine providers use them in combination with each other, which further increases the winning potential. Often, bonus symbols can perform several functions simultaneously.

But slot machines with bonus features have more complex rules of the game. Therefore, before making money bets, it is advisable to study them and understand how certain mechanics work. This will help you evaluate the slot more objectively and make a final decision on playing it.

Understanding and knowing the types of symbols can help you to get bigger winnings.


What are Bonus Symbols at Slots?

These are symbols that make the gameplay more varied. They do not always participate in the formation of paid combinations, but have other unique mechanics of work.

What are the Best Symbols in Slot Machines?

The best symbols are wilds and regular high-paying symbols. Also, in many slots, scatters can be called the most valuable, as they activate free spins.

How many Symbols are at Slot Machines?

There can be from 5 to 15 or even more unique symbols in a slot machine. It all depends on the format of the playing field.

What is a Wild Symbol in Slots?

This is a symbol that can replace any other when forming a paid combination.

What is a Scatter Symbol in Slots?

This is the symbol that is required to activate free spins. To go to them, you need 3, 4 or more scatters to appear on the reels during one spin, depending on the rules of the slot.

What is a Bonus Symbol in Slots?

This is the symbol that is required to trigger the bonus game. The transition to it occurs when 3 or more bonus symbols appear on the reels in one spin, depending on the rules of the slot.

What was the First Symbol in Slots?

The first symbols in slot machines were card values, golden horseshoes, bells, fruits and berries.


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