What is RTP in Slots?

RTP is crucial in slot choice, impacts long-term profitability.

What Does RTP Mean in Slots?

RTP is an acronym for Return to Player. This is a technical parameter of a slot machine that shows the level of its return. RTP in slots determined by the provider at the software development stage. It is expressed as a percentage.

For example, if the return rate is 95%, then out of every 100,000 INR, the slot machine will return only 95,000 INR in winnings to players. The remaining 5,000 INR will be the income of the provider and the casino. But this is only a mathematical model. Let’s talk about what is RTP on slots on practice.

Any online casino strives to attract as many players as possible. This means that tens of thousands of people bet on the same slot machines. And RTP works for their overall investment, not for each player individually. For example, let’s take the same slot with a return rate of 95%, in which 100,000 INR are invested. But now let’s assume that 2 people spent this 100,000 INR. As a result, the slot machine will return the same 95,000 INR in winnings, but this money will be distributed unevenly among the players. The first player could spend 90,000 INR on bets and lose everything, and the second player could win all 95,000 INR after the second spin.

So what is RTP in slots? This is a statistical indicator that shows the level of return of the game as a whole, and not for each individual player. It reaches its value over a huge distance – approximately several million spins. So it has almost no effect on the results of one gaming session. It all depends on luck. But if you plan to play the same slot regularly, then this parameter still needs to be taken into account.

RTP in slots it`s a Return to Player, a game's long-term return percentage.

How to Calculate Slots RTP?

Now that we’ve got it figured out what is RTP on slot machine, let’s talk about its calculation. Different categories of games use different formulas. If we talk about slots, then this parameter is calculated by the slot machine providers. Typically, a slot machine is created when the mathematical model is already ready. For example, a provider wants to release a slot with a return of 95%. It is to this value that he adjusts the mechanics, the frequency of winnings, multipliers for slot symbols and other options. Before the slot is released, it is tested to determine the exact RTP value over several million spins.

But besides the theoretical RTP of slot machines, there is also a practical one. That is the result that you get as a result of one, two or even dozens of gaming sessions. To calculate it, you need to divide the amount of winnings or losses by the total amount of investments.

Let’s look at an example. You played 5 times, and each time in the same slot. Each time you bet exactly 10,000 INR. That is, in total you have invested 50,000 INR in the game. The gaming sessions ended with the following results:

  1. Lost 5,000 INR;
  2. Lost 2,000 INR;
  3. Lost 3,000 INR;
  4. Won 1,000 INR;
  5. Won 30,000 INR.

In the end, you ended up with 61,000 INR. If you divide this number by 50,000, you get 1,22, or 122%. This will be your practical RTP over a distance of 5 gaming sessions. That’s why we said that this parameter is statistical, and it reaches its value over a huge distance.

Calculating slots RTP involves provider-set theoretical values and practical results over sessions.

Are RTP and Volatility The Same?

Many players who don’t know what does RTP mean in slots, this parameter is confused with volatility. Both characteristics are technical, and they are included in the game by the provider. And both influence the results of spins to some extent. But the essence of these parameters is completely different.

RTP is the theoretical return percentage. It determines HOW MUCH money the slot will return in the long run to all players. Volatility determines HOW gameplay will occur. In fact, volatility is a measure of risk. The higher it is, the more unpredictable the game will be, but at the same time there is the possibility of getting a very big win.

Volatility is not expressed as a percentage. It can be on several levels. More details in the table.

Volatility levelPeculiarities
HighThe betting results are very unpredictable. There may be long series of spins without winning. The winnings can be either less than the bet amount or exceed it tens of thousands of times.
AverageAverage win frequency and average sizes. Prolonged series of failures are rare. But you can’t win very much here. Typically, slots with medium volatility have a maximum win of up to x10,000.
LowWins occur frequently, but their size is usually small. The maximum win in slots with low volatility rarely exceeds x1,000.

There are also slot machines with medium-high and medium-low volatility. Their gameplay is close to slots with medium volatility.

What is a Normal RTP for Slot Games?

Now let’s talk about what is a good RTP for slots. In the vast majority of games this figure ranges from 90% to 99%. Lower values ​​are only found in some progressive jackpot slot machines. If we talk about the average RTP, it is generally accepted that it is 94-97%. Anything more is already a high level of return, anything less is low.

In practice, the difference even between 93% and 99% is small if you play rarely or only once. But if you plan to bet on the same slot regularly and for a long time, then it is better to choose slots with a higher return rate. The higher the better. This will be beneficial at a distance.

Slot games typically have an RTP between 90% and 99%.

How to Find a Slot Machine RTP?

Find out the exact RTP of slots you can on our website. We regularly publish detailed reviews of interesting slot machines, as well as their technical characteristics. When searching for games on our website, you can use the RTP filter to see the most profitable slot machines.

You can also find out the return rate of a slot machine in three more ways:

  • In an online casino. Some online slots casinos indicate it on the cover of the slot;
  • On the provider’s website. Here you can find out the RTP in the slot machine pay table;
  • In the demo version. You can open the slot rules by clicking on the “i” button and see the number there.

Note that RTP for slot machines indicated as a percentage. And this figure is always less than 100%.

Find slot RTP on our site, casinos, or provider's description.

What is RTP Ranges Mean?

Sometimes one slot machine can have several RTP values. This happens in two cases:

  1. The slot has several game modes. Then the return to player rate may differ for regular spins, free spins, a bonus game, when purchasing free spins, when activating a double chance for a bonus game, etc.
  2. The provider is developing several options for technical specifications. When an online casino adds a slot to its website, it can choose from one of the offered options. Then, in different casinos, the RTP value for the same slot may differ.

Be careful and choose the game mode and version of the slot in which the RTP is higher.

Slot RTP may vary based on game modes or casino versions.

What Slots Have The Best RTP?

If you are interested to know what slots have the best RTP, you can use a filter by this parameter when searching for a game on our website. This way you will know which slot machines are the most profitable and can place bets on them.

  • Diamond Monkey – 97.48%. A classic slot machine from Amatic with five reels and four rows. It has average volatility and the simplest mechanics;
  • Pentagram 5000 – 97.45%. Slot machine from Realistic provider on the theme of mysticism and fruits. It has average volatility and a maximum win of x5,000 from the bet. The game takes place on a field of three reels and three rows with five paylines;
  • Burning Bells 20 – 96.96%. Another representative of classic slots from the Amatic provider. You can win up to x1,000 in it, but the volatility is low. The main feature of the slot is the wilds, which can appear anywhere on the reels;
  • Extra Chilli – 96.82%. Mexican fiesta-themed slot machine created by Big Time Gaming provider. It has high volatility, but this is compensated by the maximum winnings of x20,000 bets;
  • Christmas Big Bass Bonanza – 96.71%. A popular slot machine from Pragmatic Play, dedicated to fishing. Stylized for Christmas. Its main feature is a series of free spins with catching fish and an increasing winning multiplier;

There are slot machines with even higher returns. In some games, the RTP value reaches 99%.

Discover high RTP slots on our website for profitable betting.


In this article we talked about what is RTP in slot machines. We can say that this is one of the most important parameters of the slot, and it should be taken into account first of all when choosing a game. Especially if you plan to bet on the slot regularly. RTP has virtually no effect on the results of individual gaming sessions, but it can be noticeable over a long distance, for example, several hundred thousand spins.

RTP is crucial when choosing slots for regular betting sessions.


What does RTP mean in Slots?

RTP is an acronym for Return to Player. This is a statistical indicator that determines the percentage of return of money in a slot machine.

How does slot RTP work?

RTP is determined by the provider at the development stage of the slot machine. This parameter is expressed as a percentage. If it is equal to 95%, it means that out of all the money invested in the slot machine, it will return 95% to the players.

Do high RTP slots guarantee a profit?

No, no gambling game can guarantee winnings. The results of spins, even in slots with an RTP of 99%, still depend on luck.

What is the Average RTP for Online Slots?

Most slot machines have an RTP of 93-96%. This value is considered average.

What are The Highest and Minimum RTP Slots?

In slots with the highest RTP this figure is 99% or more. The lowest RTP can be below 80%.


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