Slot Machine Pay Tables: How to Read Paytables

Learn how to read slot pay tables for game information.

What Is a Pay Table in Slots?

The slot machine paytable provides a general reference summary of the game. It can be made in the form of a table, list and plain text. It contains all the data about the slot machine, including:

  • RTP and volatility value;
  • List of common symbols and winning odds for them;
  • List of bonus symbols and mechanics and description of how they work;
  • Number of reels, rows and paid lines;
  • Instructions for operating the slot machine and using the interface;
  • Acceptable bet sizes, maximum winnings, etc.

Simply put, a paytable is a detailed description of the rules of the game. With its help, you can understand how the slot machine works, what is needed to receive winnings, what sizes the payouts can be, and what requirements apply to bets. All this is necessary so that you understand what is happening on the playing field.

Pay table in slots explains game rules, symbols, and payouts.

Slot Machine Pay Table Examples

To understand what the payout table looks like, we have prepared several screenshots for you. You will see on the slot machine pay table examples for classic and modern games.

Where to Find the Slot Pay Table?

There are payout tables in any slot machine. Both classic slots and new modern. In most cases, to open the table with the rules, you need to click on the “i” button. It is usually located in the corner of the screen, next to the buttons for changing the bet size. If there isn’t one, look for the settings button. The information you need may be contained there.

Slot pay tables are accessible by clicking "i" or the settings.

Contents of Slot Paytables

The contents of the payout table depend on the specific slot machine. Tables vary from game to game. Therefore, you cannot use a table from one slot to play in another. The number of pages and amount of information also differ. Typically, the payout table contains information about:

  • Paylines;
  • Symbol Values;
  • Betting Requirements;
  • Special Symbols;
  • Features;
  • Jackpot Details;
  • RTP.

All this information is equally important. And let’s talk about each of the items listed in more detail.

How to Read a Pay Table?

Now let’s talk about how to read slot machine pay tables. It’s very simple. First, open it. To do this, click on the corresponding button in the slot machine interface. The table will open in a new window.

Depending on the amount of information, it may take several pages. You can scroll through them using the buttons on the sides or bottom. First, look at what symbols are in the slot machine, what winnings they give and what you need to get them. Then learn the number of lines and how to form them. If there are no lines, check out other winning mechanics.

Then pay attention to the meaning of the bonus symbols and features. Understand what they do and under what conditions. Also pay attention to bet limits, RTP, and maximum win rate.

Check how to read the slot pay table.

Why Is It Important to Understand Pay Tables?

The importance of the payout table in slot machines is that it is here that you can get complete and maximum detailed information about the mechanics of the slot. Many new slot machines are quite complex, and it can be difficult to understand the principles of their operation on your own. If you do not understand what is happening in the slot and what the conditions for receiving winnings are, this will not only make the gameplay less interesting but will also prevent you from receiving payouts in certain situations.

Understanding pay tables is crucial for grasping slot mechanics and winning.

Slots Pay Tables Verdict

Familiarization with the payout table is the first step to familiarize yourself with the slot games. It will allow you to understand the gameplay and its features, understand how the game works, and study all the mechanics, symbols, etc.

There is a payout table in any slot machine. Both classic and modern with dozens of additional mechanics and functions. This section contains the most complete information about the game.

If you do not know the conditions for receiving payments, the potential size of winnings and other nuances, the game will not bring you maximum pleasure. So be sure to look at the payout table before placing any cash bets.

First, check the payout table for a complete slot understanding.


What is a Pay Table in Slots?

This is a special section that contains information about symbols, paylines, winning odds, mechanics and functions.

Where to find the Slots Pay Table?

The button to open it is located on the slot interface. Usually it shows the letter “i”.

Do I really need to understand The Pay Table?

This is not necessary, but very important. If you don’t understand how the slot machine works, it will be more difficult for you to play.

Can some Slots Pay Tables consist of multiple pages?

Yes, especially if the slot machine is modern and has many mechanics and functions. Then they will be described on different pages.

Is It difficult to understand The Slot Payout Tables?

No, it’s not difficult. The information is presented by providers in such a way that even a beginner can understand it.


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