Play AviatriX Game Online in India 2024

Introducing AviatriX Crash, an exciting NFT-based game.

AviatriX Game Overview

For a deeper understanding of AviatriX and to boost your chances of winning, it’s recommended to carefully review the game’s features outlined in the following table.

Provider:AviatriX Studios
Release Date:2022
Theme:Space Adventure, Mini jet
Game Type:Mini game
Max Win:Unlimited
Min Bet:8 INR
Max Bet:800 INR
Demo Mode:Yes 
Available on Mobile:Yes 

TOP Online Casinos for AviatriX in India

Numerous trusted online platforms in India provide players with the chance to enjoy AviatriX. Refer to the list below to effortlessly discover a suitable online slots casino to test your fortune with AviatriX.

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up to 136,100 INR + 150 FS
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Go to Melbet and choose any slots to play.
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Play AviatriX

How to Play AviatriX?

Playing AviatriX is incredibly simple. All you need to do is familiarize yourself with the simple steps below.

Here are short easy steps on how to play AviatriX:

  1. Find your favorite casino and sign up.
  2. Make a deposit with the preferred payment method and amount.
  3. Find the AviatriX crash game and start it.
  4. Place one or two bets and wait for the betting period to end.
  5. Cash out your wager before the aircraft explodes to avoid losses.
Play AviatriX with these straightforward steps.

AviatriX Features

To maximize your winning chances at AviatriX, we suggest familiarizing yourself with the key features of the game.

Use AviatriX Auto Bet for quick betting convenience.


There is Auto Bet mode in AviatriX to quickly place your bets within a short 5-second window. It automatically repeats your last bet for each round, making betting easier. Just turn on “Autoplay” to activate automatic wagering.

Manage wins with Aviatrix Auto-Cashout feature.


To avoid losing too much there is a feature to manage your wins in Auto Cash-Out. Choose your preferred bet multiplier, and when the plane hits that amount, your winnings will be added automatically. Simply set the odds and bet amount to trigger automatic cash-outs.

Aviatrix offers unique NFT-based crash game mechanics.

Enhanced Crash Mechanics

AviatriX’s crash game offers more than just crashing planes. It features NFT elements, allowing you to customize and upgrade planes for experience points and prizes.

Aviatrix offers personalized gaming with customizable planes.

Individual Approach

AviatriX lets you customize and trade planes, giving you a unique gaming experience. With NFT elements, each player can tailor the game to their preferences.

Aviatrix offers user-friendly interface for users.

Easy Interface

AviatriX is an easy-to-understand game that doesn’t require special skills or strategies. All you need to do is place a bet and assess the optimal moment to cash out your winnings and end the round. Therefore, its interface is very simple and clear to any user, even to those who are playing in a casino for the first time.

AviatriX Game Rules

Another pleasant feature of the AviatriX crash game is the almost complete absence of rules. After a few attempts in demo mode, the user understands the essence of the entertainment and then acts intuitively. To participate in a round of AviatriX, you need to:

  1. Place a bet. It can be any amount within the game limits.
  2. Start the game by clicking the “Place” button. The system will accept bets from other participants and start a new round.
  3. Watch the flight of the aircraft and the growing multiplier.
  4. At any moment, press “Withdraw” to cash out your winnings. If you do this after the plane disappears from the game field, the round will be considered lost.
  5. Repeat the bet or take the money and exit the game.

Essentially, the player only needs to carefully monitor the developments on the screen and react in time.

Aviatrix's rules are straightforward - bet, watch, cash out.

Important Information about AviatriX

It’s important for every player, no matter their gaming experience, to check out the main details of the game they want to earn money from. This info holds key tips and features that can guide the player in choosing a winning strategy.

Play AviatriX in Demo

The AviatriX demo version allows users to practice free game. You get unlimited balance to play with, which helps you learn and develop betting strategies. Even though you can’t win real money in the demo, it’s still useful for improving your skills.

Practice Aviatrix in demo mode for free.

AviatriX Mobile Compatibility

The AviatriX game is designed for online play via slot machine apps. You have access to the game directly on your PC, Android, or iOS. This accessibility is achieved through the game’s optimized design and compatibility with mobile devices. Whether you prefer to play on a PC or a smartphone, the game remains easily accessible, offering smooth, quick, and uninterrupted gameplay.

Aviatrix game is compatible with mobile devices.

AviatriX Tips and Tricks

To succeed in AviatriX, it’s crucial to know when to cash out your winnings. While the plane is flying, there’s still a chance to increase your deposit. However, if the plane explodes, your bet is lost to the casino.

Playing responsibly in AviatriX involves checking the round statistics. On the top panel, you can see real-time maximum payout coefficients, helping you assess the frequency of different multipliers. With this data, you can opt for one of the following strategies:

  • Conservative Strategy: Cash out winnings at low coefficients, typically ranging from 1.2 to 1.5x. This is the safest approach, as small multipliers are common.
  • Moderate Strategy: Stop at moderate coefficients, occurring in about half of launches, with values from 2.0 to 5.0x. While riskier, this option offers more significant rewards.
  • Big and Quick Wins Strategy: This is the riskiest strategy, favored by high rollers aiming for the jackpot. Although most rounds may result in losses, one high coefficient win (100x and higher) can offset losses and generate profit.
Aviatrix Tips - Cash out wisely, assess round statistics.

AviatriX Casino Bonuses

AviatriX stands out from other crash games thanks to its internal prize structure, offering gamers not only betting mechanics but also additional earning opportunities. The bonus package includes an NFT feature. Players making real money bets can create and customize their own plane, choosing its color and additional features.

The player’s own aircraft is necessary for:

  • Participation in tournaments, where every bet is made at maximum value for success.
  • Earning a daily income of up to 700 euros, where the most powerful planes win.
  • Accumulating experience points, which affect the aircraft’s reliability and help improve results in the game.

The AviatriX slot provides cashback for casino visitors, allowing them to return a portion of their losses, depending on their position in the loyalty program. To increase cashback, players need to accumulate experience points and upgrade their plane.

In India, online casinos that support AviatriX also provide casino bonuses and diverse incentives for players involved in AviatriX gameplay. Players can choose bonuses that match their preferences when beginning their gaming experience at these casinos, offering them flexibility.

Aviatrix offers unique casino bonuses, including NFT features.

BestSlots Verdict

AviatriX Crash by AviatriX Studios introduces NFT technology to online casino gaming, offering players a unique and immersive experience. With captivating graphics and sound effects, players pilot vintage planes in pursuit of big wins. While the RTP remains undisclosed, typical Crash games boast around 97%. Indian players can enjoy AviatriX on various online casinos, each offering a big slot games list, bonuses and incentives. To succeed, players should understand the game’s features and rules, including Auto-Bet, Auto-Cashout, and enhanced crash mechanics. AviatriX promises attractive gameplay and the potential for substantial wins, making it a top choice for online gamers.

Aviatrix introduces NFT tech, offering immersive gameplay.


Here are answers to some common questions about AviatriX to help you better understand the game:

What is AviatriX?

AviatriX, developed by AviatriX Studios, is a popular online casino game known for its thrilling aviation-themed gameplay. Players control virtual aircraft, strategically timing their cashouts for potential wins. Despite undisclosed volatility and RTP values, the game offers captivating excitement.

What is the RTP of AviatriX?

The RTP (Return to Player) of AviatriX is not disclosed.

What is the maximum win possible in AviatriX?

There is no limit to the maximum win possible in AviatriX.

Is AviatriX a real game?

Yes, AviatriX is a real game that offers players a genuine chance to play and win money.

How can I win at AviatriX?

In AviatriX, luck plays a significant role as the game results are random. However, players can enhance their chances by understanding the game mechanics, making strategic bets, and knowing when to cash out. It’s also beneficial to be aware of winning frequency and various betting options. Being informed and strategic can enhance your AviatriX gaming experience.

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